Resources and Client Questions

It’s good to be prepared when you are considering medical cannabis. We’ve included a few helpful tips, links and our clients’ FAQs to help get you started.

How to Ask Your Doctor

Some people worry that this might be uncomfortable, but in the end, your doctor’s priority is your well-being. Click here to find out how to start the conversation.

The Rules

To ensure that medical cannabis is prescribed correctly, and used responsibly there are some regulations to consider. Click here for an overview.

Trying Medical Cannabis for the First Time

A few tips to ensure you have a safe and successful experience the first time you consume cannabis. Click here for more.

Ways to Consume Cannabis

Combustion? Vaporization? Edible OrganiOils? There are many ways to consume medical cannabis… the law, product availability and your preference will all contribute to your choice. Click here for more.


Ever wondered how and why cannabis is trimmed? Some is machine-trimmed, while some is trimmed by hand.  Learn more about Organigram's Hand-Manicured flower and the benefits of giving individual attention to your medicine. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions


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